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Case Study ~ Soul Macrocosm Drama

Case Study ~ Soul Macrocosm Drama

Divine water fish

A gentleman connected for an issue of financial losses for the past few years and the fact that he felt he is not doing well despite being a qualified dentist.
When the case was opened, there were multi layers of his issue. Going through an age regression, there were 3 incidents at age 19, 13 and even 7 where his younger brother had caused him to feel embarrassed, humiliated and unworthy. ( He had mentioned earlier that he feels ‘being used’ by his brother but he can never say no to his audacious commands and unreasonable demands).
As we moved back many other layers opened but the most eye opening learning was in a lifetime of 12 fishes who lived in a natural water body. The water was sacred and worshiped by people and was believed to be holy.
During the session, each time a pain was caused by any family member ( in current life, the client wld reject the therapy), he would go into denial mode but very conveniently he believed in the process if the victimiser was an outsider. To the extent that I had to halt the session and tell him he could not be selective, either he believed in process or he didn’t.
In the fish lifetime, the fishes believed that they were holier than thou because they lived in that water body hence they could never do wrong or be dark. The healing was done and learning was unfolded.
Lesson : ” Don’t identify with an experience, don’t be attached with any experience because as soon as the experience is over, it becomes a drama. Non attachment is the only way to see the truth”.
The challenges of the client was due to his inability to see the truth of his Soul tribe across lifetimes.
Sahar Gharachorlou #LifeCoach

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