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Twice Born

Our life is nothing but a web of patterns-our beliefs entwined in a marvelous design that shapes our experiences. If these patterns are positive, we thrive, and if they are negative and obsolete, we suffer. Our challenges and pains are an indication of the quality of our belief system. 

The good news is that you can and do have the ability to change and choose a different life. It is what happened to me. I realized through a series of experiences – Divine Interventions – that life is to be lived with ease, and the secret to a joyful, graceful life is through clarity and intentional living.

In Twice Born, now in its second edition, I share with you profound wisdom, learning that unfolded over 15 years of her work with clients and students, as a Clarity Coach, Master Trainer, and Author. I bust the myths of modern-age spirituality, positive thinking, self-acclaimed Godmen, heaven, hell, and even God. This book is not for the faint-hearted. 

You will find a gem, or as called by many readers of the first edition, your ‘bible to self-discovery’, only if you have an open, determined, and curious mind, a willing heart, and a burning desire in your soul. If applied, this wisdom can change your life as it has changed hers and the lives of thousands of people.



Ranji Pannu
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It’s a book with energy that guides you into the most profound messages in the book. After Wayne dyer someone who will fill his vacuum . Twice born is a blessing for many.
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Amazingly Written Hi Ma’am I read the complete Book, It gives the hope to overcome from the struggle, & pain To see the life in a positive attitude. Thanks for writing such a wonderful book Words are less to describe Amazingly written God bless One Thought Came in My Mind Rise Rise Untill the Lamb
C. P. Kumar
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An excellent book by Sahar Gharachorlou "Twice Born" is a wonderful book by Sahar Gharachorlou, a transformational life coach. She has dedicated 13 years of her life to guiding people, assisting them to find answers to the most heart-wrenching question and heal their wounded selves.
Nitika Dahiya
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Self help - able to stand and breathe a new life I was really at a crossroads which was becoming too heavy to bear where I could not get the direction and then when I was given this book. I am not an avid reader of books and kind of avoid it at every turn, but I could not keep “Twice Born” down.
Abhijeet Dhar
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My bible for life! Easy to read with so much depth! May we all be twice born after reading it I started reading Twice Born a month ago. It has now become by bible. I read and re read pages I’ve marked everyday... it’s so deep and intense and I can so well relate to it.
Dr Anu
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The book makes you happy and light All good books are simple :) That’s what makes Twice Born a must-read! I loved the simplicity with which the author Sahar Gharachorlou drives home the message. It’s not preachy kind of regular self help book... it’s like humerus and light homecoming book.
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Read it if you want a be better and happier You ! For those who want to use this lifetime to fully explore the innate potential and be the best version of themselves, this is the book to read.
Nita Mehta
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A great book. Very well written. She’s managed to pack a lot of info in just one book. Others would probably write for. A must read !
Rubina Chaudhri
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Simple and soulful A simple heartwarming true and inspiring story of a young girl who beat all odds with her determination, her strength and her faith in the universe. Sahar 's book reveals to the reader what she went through and how she was led by the universe to where she is now.

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