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Bridge the gap between greed-hungry goals and desire-filled life

Bridge the gap between greed-hungry goals and desire-filled life

Gratitude is one practice that not only changes the frequency of your thoughts but also opens new doors to a better life. One that is fulfilling and meaningful.

As a Law of Attraction Trainer, a part of what I do is to bridge the gap between greed-hungry goals and desire-filled life! There is a very thin line between the too.

Only if you remain aware you would recognize where you are crossing the line.
For a very long time, even I had a conflict within, wondering if desiring a life of comfort and luxury was against my spiritual growth.
It was much later when I understood what really being spiritual meant and how this Universe functions that I realized if I truly am working on myself and becoming more of who I am, in other words, if I become more aware and aligned, I will have no choice but to be successful and wealthy.
It is simple, you can not grow spiritually unless you grow wholly and holy together. When you expand your awareness and become closer to the creator, you would grow at all levels exactly as the Universe does.
The difference is when you grow from a space of clear intention and a desire of being who you truly are, you are evolving.
While if you operate from greed, competition, insecurity and need to be more than others or better than others, you would stop your growth in some aspects if not all.
The conflict between being spiritual and successful arises when you have a limited understanding of how the universe functions while you are still dealing with demons of ego- like fear, insecurity, fear of failure and rejection.
Shift your focus from need-based growth to expansion-based abundance! From ‘me’ to ‘WE’ and from fear to joy, you would then witness the conflict dissolve.
Wishing every reader a magnificent life, full of comfort, luxury, abundance, wealth and awareness!

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