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Therapist Training

As a therapist, your role is to help people resolve unresolved experiences from their childhood or past life or overcome their shadow personalities that restrict and constrain their present. In this intervention, you will go through a step-by-step process of learning to heal them of the wounded feelings.

What’s in it for you?

As a therapist, help your clients to:

  • Love themselves, overcome their fears and heal their sense of rejections
  • Learn to respond (not react) and discover the gift of every adversity
  • Overcome trauma buried within causing energy blocks in the psyche 
  • Heal from stress, anxiety, depression, infertility, chronic pain, and fatigue
  • Get the tools and techniques for a thriving practice

How we do it?

Ideal for

Aspiring/Practicing Healers and Therapists


Hybrid – Online + Offline (Contractual) Training Intervention

Program Duration

2 Years

Audience Group

Minimum 12 Students/ Participants


Pre-requisite: Any two days experiential therapy workshops such as PLR/ Inner Child / Shadow Work or Family Constellation and Soul Macrocosm Drama

It includes many tools and techniques to help you develop a deeper awareness of energy, harness and cultivate your own energy, meditation techniques, mindfulness, and utilization of energy for healing and manifestation. The scientific methodologies in each module will enable you to facilitate the healing/therapy successfully.

Program Consists of 7 Modules:

  • Energy Healing – A Comprehensive 5-days classroom-style training. The program teaches everything about energy and how to use it to cleanse, heal and activate the system. Get tools and techniques to be able to facilitate healing in your clients. (Online)
  • 2 days case submission and discussion – (Online)
  • 6 Days Inner Child residential training
  • 2 days case submission and practice – (In-person)
  • 7 days Past Life regression residential program
  • 2 days case submission and practice – (In-person)
  • 5 days self-mastery, case submission, and certification – (In-person)

Sahar…words probably will fail to express the depth of my gratitude. Would like to simply state that my entire world and the lens with which I was viewing life has been transformed with your guidance.

– Anamika Verma, Noida

Other Training Services

Be the Guiding Light

Free people of the shadows of their past. Help them to build new tomorrows.

My intent is to get you clarity and awareness to be the powerful, unique, and capable you.

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My intent is to get you clarity and awareness to be the powerful, unique, and capable you.

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