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Become a Coach

Coaching encompasses a vast area with highly transferrable expertise, which ranges from mental wellbeing to parenting or tackling change in life. It can help you develop skills that can lead you to have a second career or a full-time coaching career.

This intervention enables you to develop your skills to assist people in identifying, clarifying, and realizing their goals into tangible outcomes in different fields of life.

What’s in it for you?

  • Develop skills to have a second career or a full-time coaching career
  • Nurture your coaching skills with paradigm-shifting insights 
  • Build rapport through people skills, social awareness, and social effectiveness
  • Help your clients to be self-motivated and attain action-oriented goals 
  • Get an advanced toolkit to design and deliver coaching sessions

How we do it?

Ideal for

Aspiring Coaches, Healers, Trainers, and Therapists


Hybrid – Online + Offline (Contractual) Training Intervention

Program Duration

2 Years

Audience Group

Minimum of 8 Students


  • Discovery session
  • Know your why session

The program would consist of three parts:

  • Inner discovery and self-work 
  • Coaching tools and methodology
  • Case submission and certification

Inner work: 

  • Digitized and online weekly classes 
  • In-person work during half-yearly residential classes (4 days intensive work)
  • Coaching tools and methodology
  • Will start from the 3rd quarter onwards

Case Study Submission:

Participants require to submit 100 hours of coaching sessions, out of which the first 40 hours need to be under observation of another coach.

** This is the pre-requisite for licensing.

You really go beyond the material to make the workshop so much fun & practical. I have come across this program in MindValley but with you the experience was to greater understanding & also rewarding because when I get clarity, it surely feel very satisfying.

– Dr. Ishwinder Kaur, Nothingham, United Kingdom

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Make a Difference as a Coach

Change lives and guide people towards self-actualization!

My intent is to get you clarity and awareness to be the powerful, unique, and capable you.

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My intent is to get you clarity and awareness to be the powerful, unique, and capable you.

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