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Personal Coaching

Having a personal coach can help you leap to the next level faster, and handle change seamlessly in the ever-changing dynamics of professional and personal lives. Get to meet your own best self and unlearn and relearn strategies to reach a level of excellence. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Understand your purpose in life
  • Glide through transformations swiftly 
  • Identify and meet your goals with a customized plan 
  • Connect with yourself and understand your intuitions
  • Maximize your potential in both personal and professional life

How we do it?

Ideal for

Business Leaders, CEOs, Aspiring and Practicing Coaches, Healers, Trainers, and Therapists


Online Contractual Group Coaching

Program Duration

Minimum 6 Months and Maximum of 3 Years

Audience Group

One Person Only as it is a One-to-One Coaching Intervention


  • Discovery session
  • Goal setting
  • Barrier busting
  • Weekly sessions as per requirement; can include processes, counselling, coaching, deep inner work
  • Weekly assignments

I can connect with joy and gratitude and choose where to put my energy. It has really helped me also not to get tempted by just any coach out there because none of them feels taking it to that level of depth I had experienced with you. Thank you so much.

– Dr. Ishwinder Kaur, Nothingham, United Kingdom

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Find a New ‘You’

Take the next leap with the right handholding to achieve success!

My intent is to get you clarity and awareness to be the powerful, unique, and capable you.

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My intent is to get you clarity and awareness to be the powerful, unique, and capable you.

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