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Case Study – Past Life Regression Therapy

Case Study – Past Life Regression Therapy

Sonam ( a young man in his mid 30s) was distressed due to his feelings for a friend. He mentioned he was in conflict with himself, so much so he had started avoiding his (good) friend. When I asked him what bothered him the most, he had no clear answer but a feeling of discomfort, anxiety. He later mentioned some kind of border line fear.

As the session started, he moved back and forth in few different past lives. Eventually I asked him to visit the lifetime which was best. Suddenly there was a smile. He was a farmer in a village in Punjab. He was in his 20s. Very happy. He loved what he was doing, a free spirited young man who loved singing and staring at the vast darkness of sky at night. But life changed when a beautiful young woman had started living in the next farm.

She was not from his place. Dusky, young, beautiful but very sad.

She lived alone and never interacted with anyone. The farm workers called her Bibi ji.

She rarely spoke, she was a mystery and before he knew, he was in love with this stranger. Watching her. Waiting all the time to just get a glimpse of her. Life had become miserable.

He mentioned it was a taboo to even mention about his love to anyone, leave alone confessing it to the woman. She belonged to another man. What gave him more pain was that, the woman lived alone and the man with whom she had entered the village never came back to see her and yet Sonam couldn’t be with her. She died earlier, she lived a life of dignity even though everyone knew she wasn’t married to that man.

He died few years later, his last dying thought was of regret and feeling a longingness to have at least spoken to her. He felt even though he felt the love so deeply, he could never have it in a relationship.

When I asked him what if he could have had the courage to speak with her, he said it would have been a beautiful life. My life lesson of learning to love and have the courage to choose myself and my life over society would have been learnt. The same lesson has not been learnt in 56 lifetimes.

He then regressed to 5 more lifetimes, all painful lives of loving the same soul and never having the courage to acknowledge and take the step. The pattern remained the same and he said, even in the present life it seems the same. The only difference is by now he was so fearful of going through the same experience that he preferred not to acknowledge the love. At this moment he broke down and felt helplessness was now over powering the lack of courage.

In another lifetime, he had regressed to life a prince. A very daring, courageous warrior yet he could never let go off his ego and confess his love to the women he loved. All lifetimes the woman had waited patiently for him to take the initiative but he had failed.

He had mentioned during consultation that he has BP issue and mentioned it started due to some work related stress. Now that the case is open, it’s evident that the BP in his case is not work related but his inability to allow love to flow through him.

Loads of healing was done, some hypnotherapy was introduced, certain beliefs were replaced and yet I know he still needs loads of work.

What was interesting for me as a therapist was that a month or two before, the lady had visited me. Of course none of them know about it.

She too saw 3 of above past lives but with a totally different perspective and for a completely different reason. She had mentioned ( in the life in Punjab), I know there is this young man madly in love with me, he is always watching me like my shadow, but I am here to learn the lesson of living with honor. She had learnt the lesson but deep inside she too had longed for companionship. Older soul perhaps, very aware of her life plan and yet a deep sense of loneliness for which she had visited me.

I am wondering where this beautiful, mystery filled love story would head now.

Therapist take : We all crave for love, companionship and joy of sharing our lives together. Love is not unconditional the way we have understood it. The price for love is Courage!

Be courageous enough to deserve love!

Happy December
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