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Law of Attraction Trainer Training

This program will help you understand why the Law of Attraction works for some people – who have it with ease in life, whereas others struggle for a simple living.  It will help you become a catalyst in enabling people to transform their lives and be empowered and recreate a magical life for yourself and others.

What’s in it for you?

  • Understand and apply the 7 Laws of Hermetic
  • Cultivate trust in oneself to find answers and solutions
  • Raise awareness in people to change themselves for success
  • Experience clarity, focus, and abundance while helping others obtain the same
  • Understand your client’s mental map and help them with a customized approach

How we do it?

Ideal for

Aspiring Practicing Coaches, Trainers, Healers, and Therapists


Hybrid – Online + Offline (Contractual) training workshop

Program Duration

52 hours

Audience Group

Minimum 12 Students/Participants



  • Classroom style.
  • Pre-requisite – 2 days basic Law of Attraction workshop.
  • ** Trainers would be under a 3-years loyalty and licensing contract, which can be renewed.
  • Through this program, get a deep understanding of the law of attraction, its relativity with other universal laws, energy, and quantum physics, how to rewire the brain with affirmations and manifestations, and how emotions work.

I really liked the insight discussions and spiritual discussions on fundamental grounds. Such interactions bridges the gap between seen and unseen very well. Despite all issues in life, I am motivated and positive. Credit goes to you.

– Kanika, London, UK

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Enable People to Transform their Lives

A meaningful life for yourself and others awaits!