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Ascended Masters Message July 2019!

Ascended Masters Message July 2019!

The Masters ask you to clear your energy field from toxic, low frequency energies.
To be able to be who we are, it’s important that we keep our energy field and our thoughts positive and free of anything that can cause disharmony.
Sometimes our environment and people around carry their challenges and their beliefs into our lives, it’s important to stay clear and off such people or situations. If at all it is something that can not be avoided, you can always visualize yourself taking a Divine light bath and watch your energy field being cleansed.
You can also use regular salt bath ritual to keep your energy field light and uplifted.
The following practice can help clear your mental, emotional and energy system from what does not belong to you.
Just say 7 times with a strong intention : ” I return all that which does not belong to me to their origin with love”.
Happy July, Happy cleansing and clearing!
Sahar Gharachorlou #LifeCoach

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