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Ascended Masters Message: Focus! Focus! Focus!

Ascended Masters Message: Focus! Focus! Focus!

Ascended Masters are saying to you; ‘ We know a lot has been going on, we can see your distractions too but if you want to put everything in order and if you want to be able to enjoy where you have reached and what you have accomplished, you need to be centered and focused’.

They urge you to spend a few minutes a day in meditation or any form of practice that would help you remain centered. This is not the time to lose focus.
You may celebrate, yet you need to keep moving as well.
Also it is important before you announce your next project, or jump into the next opportunity you take a stock of your existing commitments and resources.
If overwhelmed, PAUSE, take sometime off and clear the clutter, shut down the chatter in your head and then take a decision and stick by it.
May the month of October be purposeful and rewarding!
#Sahar Gharachorlou #LifeCoach

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