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Case Study – Past Life Regression

Case Study – Past Life Regression

This is a metaphoric life. We do have many types of beings in this existence. Some we can’t see, some of our imagination has tapped into.

This is a case of a lady whose past lovers had been very obsessive with her.

A very aware woman who had done a lot of therapies and self-work. She also suffered from some kind of skin allergy on her legs and especially on feet and ankles. A kind of birthmark around both her ankles that would get itchy if she would stay in the water more than 7-10 minutes. She specifically mentioned, she is a natural swimmer and swimming in the sea is fine but any other form of water body gives her anxiety to the extent she can’t sit near a pool.

When she regressed to a past life, she saw herself as a mermaid swimming in the oceans with her mate. She said we are what is called in human language Twinflame.
Next scene was when she saw that her mate has been captured by some people and taken away to the king/ruler. She then moved to land and went near the palace to see if she could sneak in at night. But the king saw her and fell in love with her. He ordered that she should be brought to his palace and then forcefully married her.
In a few days, everyone found her behavior of having long hours baths very strange. One of the palace maids got suspicious and started spying on her and then she was caught when she had changed shape to a mermaid.
She was so obsessed with her need to save the #Twinflame that she chose to stay away from water and remain in human form-as a wife to the king- so that her mate was not killed.

She died being tied from her ankles in her huge bathing tub after she overheard the maids speaking of how the other demon they have in the palace had died of not being near water. Her last dying thought was, I will follow you till the end of time and won’t let anyone harm you again. She had so much grief and sadness at the time of death and what she called ‘obsession’ . She had vowed to herself that she would only have and be with this person to make sure he is safe.
When we drew a comparison she mentioned that she was single and she could not trust anyone. Relationship to her meant imprisonment as if her freedom would be taken away. She said her #obsessive energy with her Twinflame soul had caused obsessive men to gravitate to her.
The skin allergy was due to how she had died. The birthmark around the ankle and allergy to water.
Not only our mind and soul but also our body carries memories of the past. #Metaphysical #therapies help us release multi-layers of stored trauma and free us from a pain that does not serve us.

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My intent is to get you clarity and awareness to be the powerful, unique, and capable you.

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My intent is to get you clarity and awareness to be the powerful, unique, and capable you.

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