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Learnings from Bhutan Retreat 2019

Learnings from Bhutan Retreat 2019

When we travel, we not only see the world but also open a new door to change our own perception & world.

What Bhutan taught me is something that would change my life and how I wish to live my life forever. This beautiful, inviting and warm land taught me, it is not the quantity but quality of life that matters.
A country is made by its nation and when people honor their land and heritage and live as a purposeful community there is no choice but to have the highest GNH ( gross national happiness).
This wild, virgin land taught me, to honor the environment, the elements and always remember my origins with respect and honor.
It taught me, it is not necessary to know a person to be a wellwisher, one must at all times seek and work towards the highest good of all.
I saw the flow of life, maybe slower than most places but surely smoother and with more ease and joy.
Being polite and honest is what was the fabric of their society. Everyone was well aware of the limitation of their country and yet working nonstop towards making it a better place.
I didn’t hear anyone blowing a horn, never heard them shouting not even when they had to call each other from a far distance. No one to outsmart the other. Everyone patiently waiting for their turn. They seemed to be innately civilized in their very traditional ways without an iota of pride.
The guide told us about the Laws, the culture, challenges, and limitations. Nothing to hide and nothing to show off.
It’s amazing to know a country in that altitude with just 7,50,000 people as the population has their currency equivalent to our Indian rupee. Isn’t it interesting?
Our guide mentioned, we value our neighbors ( India and China) as we feel they are our big Brothers. (And I was wondering why we in India think all our neighboring countries as our enemies? Did the perception come first or the attacks? And how can we change for the betterment of all?)
Every person, place, and situation is there to help us become better, it’s up to us to learn and grow or stay in dogma and remain ignorant and stuck. It’s only a choice.

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