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Case Study Family Constellation and Soul Macrocosm Drama

Case Study Family Constellation and Soul Macrocosm Drama

This is a case of a lady who lost her husband 2 years ago. She lives overseas so her sister came to represent the case.

The subject has been into depression for long and even before the tragedy she had always been the subdued one out of all 4 sisters.
When the case opened, the cause of the depression and also so many other challenges that she was facing went back to a very primitive time. Where she was the head of a all women tribe. Where they would abuse and kill men. Use them for reproduction and they would even kill male infants and keep only female born. One such child was a male who was burried alive and so the father just before being killed and while watching what was happening to his new born cursed the tribe.

The curse was released ( later the same soul had became an ancestor to the soul tribe due to the curse, for the sake of karmic accounts settling). Other therapies and healings were done and once the case was wrapped up once we completed healing all 32 female souls of the tribe, the sister ( who was representing the case) told me that they are actually 32/33 female cousins in their family and none of them other than my client has a male child.

Isn’t it interesting how our environment is always pointing at something that needs to be fixed. How everything is actually so beautifully planned and that nothing is an accident or a mere coincidence?

Pay attention to your environment, whatever is outside of you is signaling you to what is inside of you.

God bless 🌸✨

Sahar Gharachorlou ~ Life Coach
Family Constellation and Soul Macrocosm Drama Therapist

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